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The BLT sandwich has its origins in English cuisine. It can be considered the most popular sandwich in Anglo-Saxon countries. The name "BLT" refers to three main ingredients: bacon + lettuce + tomato = B.L.T. 

We use original uncured English bacon for preparation. 

Avocado & Mozzarella

Avocado Mozzarella sandwich was inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, which often uses avocado and mozzarella. Avocado is known for its creamy texture and rich content of healthy fats, while mozzarella adds its softness and delicious taste. Fresh basil and tomato add an unmistakable taste to this popular sandwich.

Ham & Cheese Toast

The Ham and Cheese Toastie Sandwich has become a popular dish for its simplicity, delicious combination of ham and cheese, and ease of preparation using the toaster or grill. The Ham and Cheese Toastie probably has its roots in European cuisine where bread, ham and cheese are commonly used in many dishes. Variations of this sandwich, often called Croque Monsieur or Panini, are popular in areas such as France or Italy.

Loaded Fries

Pěkně nadupané hranolky.

Cheese & Pickle

The "Cheese and Pickle" sandwich has its roots in British cuisine and is one of the traditional sandwiches that includes cheese and pickled vegetables, usually an English pickle (Branston Pickle). The history of this sandwich is linked to the tradition of British snacks and tasty combinations of flavors.

Real English cheddar cheese perfectly complements this simple combination of flavors.

Tuna Melt

The Tuna Melt sandwich contains a mixture of tuna meat, mayonnaise, mustard and other seasonings and is topped with melted Cheddar cheese.


The Plowman sandwich is inspired by a traditional British meal called the Ploughman's Lunch, a dish made from simple, traditional country ingredients that can also be eaten as a cold lunch. So the history of the Plowman sandwich is rooted in the history of this classic country dish.

In it you will findham, cheddar, pickle and arugula.

Onion Toastie

Tasty and simple, Onion Toastie combines the sweetness of caramelized onions with the richness and creaminess of Cheddar cheese, all warmed and crisped by toasting.

Salmon Bagel

The salmon sandwich on a bagel can be said to have its roots in Jewish cuisine, particularly in the traditions of Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe to the United States, where bagels became a popular part of their diet. The bagel originated in Poland and was introduced to the United States by European Jewish immigrants during the 19th century. The bagel quickly became a popular pastry in the US.

Smoked salmon, avocado, mascarpone, tomato, basil.

Bacon & Egg

The Bacon and Egg sandwich, containing bacon and eggs, has its origins in the traditions of Anglo-Saxon and American cuisine. These two ingredients, bacon and eggs, are commonly used in the traditional Anglo-Saxon breakfast, and over time have been combined in sandwiches.